I have some stuff to say about the metaverse

Jessica Pixel
2 min readJan 26, 2022


My name is Jessica Pixel. I’m a resident of the metaverse and have been for over a decade. I’m going to write down some stuff that I think is important about it.

Jessica Pixel is typing at a computer desk. The desk is a stock vector image.
Typing away furiously on my VectorStock® all-in-one PC

There is a lot of talking lately from the talking heads. However, most of those heads are full of hot air and they’ve spent too much time away from the people that live in the worlds they helped create. They are currently resting on their laurels and talking about talking without doing any leg work. I consider myself a lay-person in this whole thing, but I feel like I understand the complexities of what’s going on out there more than the Silicon Valley air heads that make a living selling air.

Tech moves fast. What they designed 20 years ago didn’t consider computers getting good, it was based on what they wanted and needed at the time, and wasn’t expecting to be online forever. In the span of one year, the metaverse went from niche ‘is SL still a thing’ to ‘hey that lindel guy’s on CNN’. The needs of the people in the metaverse have also changed quickly, shown in the quick development of metagames and client mods.

Every online space is dominated by older, male voices. This is stuff we’re supposed to be laying out for the future, but we’re making it so boring, confusing, and white that only the most dedicated young people are bothering to deeply understand any of this, let alone use it. There is so much back patting and reminiscing and dreaming and not enough doing.

Maybe I’m stupid and they’re too busy juggling their money to do the dirty work so they don’t have the first hand experience.

Then why are you talking so much?