Jessica Pixel’s October of Posting

Jessica Pixel
2 min readOct 31


This was my first full month doing the ‘vtuber thing’. This is namely

  • Posting images of my avatar to social media three times daily
  • Streaming to 17LIVE most days of the week
  • Creating a schedule, posting that schedule to social media, and sticking to the schedule
  • Making more images of my avatar to post to social media
    - This includes creating renders of my models in VRM Posing Desktop or other software, sourcing materials, recording credits, and putting it all together in Canva
  • Coming up with, creating, and delivering digital gifts to my suporters
  • Studying Japanese daily to better communicate with my audience
  • Creating new outfits and learning more creation techniques

I’m sure there’s more describable actions, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. I am worn out and am looking forward to the month being over. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent on this project and I want to continue to do this. I am afraid I will soon reach the ‘bored’ or ‘mastery’ point and my brain will stop giving me dopamine for doing this activity. In November, I may try and do more audio only streams so I can more easily multitask.

I wasn’t really able to create many new graphics during the month. I worked through a large amount of images I had created during September. I plan to do less posting in November so I can focus on creating plenty of graphics for December.

I need to think if I found any new tools this month.

I need to create the links page on my website where I’ll compile a list of the material sites I look at.

Followers on 10/30

Threads: 77
Twitter: 111
Instagram: 147
Tumblr: 94
VRoidHub: 51
Flickr: 3
YouTube: 56
TikTok: 14
Medium: 19
Vstream: 6
Twitch: 102
17LIVE: 433