Take my own advice

Jessica Pixel
2 min readFeb 16, 2022

I’ll update this with a picture later. Didn’t want to hold up the content.

The same Talking Heads are continuing the echo chamber over a thing they don’t understand anymore. I’ve been shouting at the top of my virtual lungs to anyone that will listen, but I can’t keep doing it.

I’m a regular person that works a day job to pay for the services these guys came up with, abandoned, but think they still understand. I don’t have the time or energy to shout at the top of my lungs for a glance anymore. The metaverse was here before this nightmare started and it will be here when it ends. It’s time to take my own advice and just log in.

I have accused those guys of not logging in. They’ve spent so much time off-world, they forgot what the culture is. They’ve been gone long enough that the culture has changed. Mirroring real life ‘boomers’, they refuse to just ask us what’s going on, preferring to talk amongst themselves about what they think is going on… unless we’re generating money. They have plenty of time to echo the same talking points, but not much time to see what is currently possible, and use their influence to help make the almost possible actually happen.

So, instead of trying to ‘champion’ the metaverse, I’m getting back to actually doing it.

Other metaverse citizens with reach need to relax too. Putting down other platforms is petty and unnecessary. The folks wasting their energy on metaverse platforms doomed to fail because they’re built on a house of cards, by a bunch of dudes that thought being good at blackjack would be enough experience to trade stocks, led by a team of con men that roped in desperate devs with bad money, can waste their energy. Go back to reporting on new things happening in real virtual spaces and let the numbers speak for themselves.

We were hanging our profile pictures on the walls of our virtual spaces before broadband existed. We have curated and archived the digital world, not to sell off at a premium, but to have unique spaces for like minded people to interact, learn, and network. We’re going to keep doing it and I’m going to try and stop stressing about it.