Week 1: Jessica Pixel’s August of Posting 2023

Jessica Pixel
3 min readAug 7


🟦 ネット友達 こんにちは | hello internet friends 🟦
Internet Person Jessica Pixel here with a weekly digest!

Welcome to the first actual weekly wrap up! I’ve got plenty of things to show you this week. As usual, I’ll be cross posting this to Medium, Tumblr, and my website.


A TapNovel style into to the August of Posting

Varkshorts, Canva; Frame: https://maikana.booth.pm/items/4334965

I made this short video when the trend was happening, but only just now posted it

CapCut; Shake: https://quuokka.booth.pm/items/4896329


Unity, CapCut; Ring: https://sabisyake.booth.pm/items/4976697


You’ll have to see them on my website, since Medium won’t let me upload mp4s.

Cyber Navigator Jessica Pixel greets the metaverse

Canva; Material: https://noumimanon.booth.pm/items/4837787

Love all the aesthetic clip art in Canva

Canva; Logo: https://michi-xiv.booth.pm/items/3725921

A windowed Good Night

Canva; Backdrop: https://wonderfulp.booth.pm/items/3203745

Denim Jessica Pixel is yawning

Canva; Logo: https://yukanote-shop.booth.pm/items/3958566, Backdrop: https://wonderfulp.booth.pm/items/3203745

The shoes from my four latest outfits

Canva; Background: https://ruiruiworks.booth.pm/items/3549537, Frame: https://zewo.booth.pm/items/3214140

I’ve got a series of these to show off over the next few weeks

Canva; Material: https://ubyagino.booth.pm/items/4869682


My cellphone lock screen this month

Canva; Material: https://borodayo.booth.pm/items/4970076

I’m a big fan of these magazine cover type materials

Canva, Google Translate; Material: https://wolf05chidori.booth.pm/

A cool Good Morning

Canva; Material: https://ubyagino.booth.pm/items/4896708

Casual Two and I_You Fit Jessica Pixel say Good Morning

Canva; Material: https://hana-087.booth.pm/items/4919803

A quick preview card of my swim fit

VRMCardMaker: https://siodamari.booth.pm/items/1808860

Vaporwave Jessica Pixel says Good Night from Roblox

Canva; Logo: https://coharu-354.booth.pm/items/3909756, Backdrop: Weirdcore Hotel Tralude in Roblox

I had fun searching Irasutoya for clipart for this profile image

Canva, Google Translate, DeepL; Material: https://nononnon.booth.pm/items/3768285, Illustrations: https://www.irasutoya.com/

Tools used this week:

Jessica Pixel exits the television

Canva; Material: https://ubyagino.booth.pm/items/4835911.

That’s all from me this week! You can find me online as @liftedpixel at a social network near you! 🟦